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Dino-Games.com has a long history in video games and consumer electronics. Originally founded in Germany in 2001, we were specialising on custom built PCs and selling PC games.

Due to the great demand and our love for video games we continuously expanded our inventory and in no time covered the whole range of systems from PCs to every gaming console out there.

In 2004 our headquarters relocated permanently to Hong Kong, the heart and most important trade hub of Asia. With our newly located headquarters and new partners throughout Asia and especially Japan we expanded our business again, offering a great deal of collectibles and limited edition gaming items from Japan and Asia.

In the past decade we have been on the forefront of bringing the latest consoles and games right at the start of their Japanese release dates and offering them to our customers worldwide and at reasonable prices.

Currently we are still offering all the latest releases on all platforms and still carry a great inventory of collectors items and limited edition games and consoles from Japan, Asia and the USA.



Because we are gamers and shoppers ourselves and we know how important customer care and service is! We also pack all items very carefully and make sure they are safe on their way to you!


We always strive to give best possible service, in any circumstance. If our customers are happy then so are we!


We keep being inspired by the advancement of the gaming industry and as gamers ourselves we want to make the latest trends from Japan accessible to a worldwide audience!


We are passionate gamers who know the products that we sell! This is reflected in our customer service as well, if you have any question we are here to answer it. If you would like to get our advice on certain items, ask us, we’re always happy to help out.

Loved by over 12,000 people worldwide

We make things happen! We have sold thousands of consoles, games and accessories to over 12,000 satisfied customers all around the world. Many of them keep coming back to buy from us because they value our expertise and customer service.

We would love to welcome you to our happy bunch of customers and invite you to become part of our big gaming family :) Hey, we even play games with some our customers online!

About Dino-Games.com

Dino-Games.com is your source for video games, consoles and accessories. We carry both classic and retro games as the latest titles, Otaku merchandise from Japan and much more.


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